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R-ython or PR-ython or ????

File this story under “It’s about time” but R and Python are preparing to merge forces. Or more specifically, Hadley Wickham and Wes McKinney, the preeminent thought leaders and developers of R and Python respectively, are preparing to unite to…

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Production Ready Python – Laura Stone of Boston DevOps

Threatstack hosted the April meeting of PyLadies Boston. The topic: Production Ready Python. The presenter:¬†Laura Stone, a senior site reliability engineer at Klaviyo and Boston DevOps mover and shaker. The/A Testing Pyramid (“Testing is hard!”). The majority of the process…

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PyCon 2018 – Rehearsal Session 1

VMWare Boston graciously hosted (pizza, salad, drinks, excellent location AND they’re hiring!) the April meeting of the Boston Python User Group. With¬†PyCon 2018 upcoming, the meeting was entirely devoted entirely to rehearsals of presentations, of which there were two. Gerrymandering…

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Test RSS Feed

A RSS feed about Python. Follow If You Wish!!!

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Honey DNA – A National Geographic Spread

Honey DNA is used to identify the pollinating habits of bee populations. The concept of adapting DNA analytical techniques to honey samples was pioneered by Noah Wilson-Rich, co-founder and chief scientific officer of The Best Bees Company. This link to…

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