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Intellectual Populism and Mary Baker Eddy

Paul Stob is one of those scholars. An Assistant Professor of Communication Studies at Vanderbilt University, he is writing a book titled Intellectual Populism in American Thought and Culture, 1875–1915, which will include a chapter on Mary Baker Eddy’s lectures and the early decades of the Christian Science Board of Lectureship. He shared with the Journal’s Rosalie E. Dunbar his reasons for the research and what he discovered while doing it.

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Free Collaboration & Education Technology Resources

No Picture

With Onshape, students only need access to a PC with internet access. This means that teachers can offer collaborative virtual STEM and 3D CAD activities to their students even while they are in lockdown at home.

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Apple, China & ‘Made In America’: Not So Easy – At The Moment

If ‘Made in America’ is to become more than a slogan for the production of highly technical engineered components, it will require substantial training, specialized robotics systems, an entirely new infrastructure and someone to sell it to the American people.

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Four rules for fixing America in 2019

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me that social media’s impact on American society is dubious at best. To offset its worst aspects, I set forth 4 rules of conduct I believe should be adopted at large.

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