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A Picture Is Indeed Worth A Thousand Words: Hans Rosling

This short video is well worth your time: it features the inimitable Hans Rosling depicting the past 200 years of global progress as measured by wealth and increasing lifespans. Slick, slick production:

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Modern Dive – A Graceful Intro to Data Science, Stats & R – Continuous Deployment

In May, I attended Albert Y. Kim’s statistical inference presentation. He and Chester Ismay have co-authored Modern Dive , an open source, electronic textbook which gracefully guides its reader through the daunting subjects of data science, statistics and R. …

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Python 2017 – A Year of Transition. – Continuous Deployment

[Boston, November 18, 2016] Aaron Maxwell is a writer, software engineer and entrepreneur and resides in San Francisco, CA. I interviewed him on Friday and he had some interesting thoughts to share regarding DevOps, Python, and outcomes he expects…

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