What I’m Doing (a new twist)

Since early January of this (2018) year, I’ve worked in database development,  specifically, Filemaker database development. (This in addition to my regular duties of data analysis and research. Admittedly, these latter areas have diminished in lieu of developer duties.) We…

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Honey DNA – A National Geographic Spread

Honey DNA is used to identify the pollinating habits of bee populations. The concept of adapting DNA analytical techniques to honey samples was pioneered by Noah Wilson-Rich, co-founder and chief scientific officer of The Best Bees Company. This link to…

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Tools of the Trade

On a typical day, I might spend a few hours working on a prototype for making our beehives better at collecting data. This includes arduinos, raspberry pi’s, breadboards, soldering, Python, etc. Next up: working on a top-down refresh of our…

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What Makes A Good Scientist?

What makes a good scientist? In my view, intellectual curiosity, attention to detail and perseverance are indispensable qualities in the practice of good science. No less estimable a figure than Thomas Edison sums up the value of perseverance thusly(make of…

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Phished Out – I Got Hooked Too

I should have known better… The quirky email address from the “sender”, using a mailinator domain should have tipped me off to the hoax. If I weren’t busy and using my mobile device for web access and had time to…

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