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Another day, another mishap: Python Kernel – Jupyter Notebook

I generally use an Anaconda environment to manage my scripting environments and package dependencies.  I decided to give a dashboard-building application a try and wound up with a broken Python kernel when I invoked Jupyter Notebook (see below):…

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R-ython or PR-ython or ???? – Continuous Deployment

File this story under “It’s about time” but R and Python are preparing to merge forces. Or more specifically, Hadley Wickham and Wes McKinney, the preeminent thought leaders and developers of R and Python respectively, are preparing to…

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What Makes A Good Scientist? – Continuous Deployment

What makes a good scientist? In my view, intellectual curiosity, attention to detail and perseverance are indispensable qualities in the practice of good science. No less estimable a figure than Thomas Edison sums up the value of perseverance…

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