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The OSX Virtual Memory Management System – A Personal Experience – Continuous Deployment

I’ve been writing about Chrome bloat over the past few months because of the havoc it plays on my own system: MacBook Pro Mid-2012 2.5 GHz CPU Sierra OSX. In late summer of this year, I increased my…

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Web Browser Bloat – Does Anyone Have “A” Solution???? – Continuous Deployment

This is my Macbook Pro’s Activity Monitor. The red area you are looking at represents my system coming perilously close to running out of memory (16GB of memory to be specific). Sorting the “Memory” column in descending order,…

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Dropbox Sharing – Folders vs. Links – Continuous Deployment

There is a difference between sharing a Dropbox folder and a Dropbox link. The former is not always accessible (for some reason) to the general public whereas content shared via a Dropbox link appears to be nearly universally…

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