Honey DNA – A National Geographic Spread

Honey DNA is used to identify the pollinating habits of bee populations. The concept of adapting DNA analytical techniques to honey samples was pioneered by Noah Wilson-Rich, co-founder and chief scientific officer of The Best Bees Company. This link to a recent National Geographic story gives a nice overview of the concept.

Btw, the photo accompanying this post is that of a honey bee queen (blue dot) surrounded by her attendants. It was taken in one of our observation hives in summer 2017 during a Phase 1 DARPA grant.


Tools of the Trade

On a typical day, I might spend a few hours working on a prototype for making our beehives better at collecting data. This includes arduinos, raspberry pi’s, breadboards, soldering, Python, etc. Next up: working on a top-down refresh of our ERP, using Filemaker Pro. Next, conference calls with DARPA, NASA, in-person site visits to Harvard to discuss preparations for upcoming R&D activities. Data Analysis projects including Survival Analysis, Honey DNA. It’s fun and a great learning experience working with lots of smart, highly motivated, resourceful people.

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