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R-ython or PR-ython or ????

File this story under “It’s about time” but R and Python are preparing to merge forces. Or more specifically, Hadley Wickham and Wes McKinney, the preeminent thought leaders and developers of R and Python respectively, are preparing to unite to…

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Production Ready Python – Laura Stone of Boston DevOps

Threatstack hosted the April meeting of PyLadies Boston. The topic: Production Ready Python. The presenter: Laura Stone, a senior site reliability engineer at Klaviyo and Boston DevOps mover and shaker. The/A Testing Pyramid (“Testing is hard!”). The majority of the process…

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PyCon 2018 – Rehearsal Session 1

VMWare Boston graciously hosted (pizza, salad, drinks, excellent location AND they’re hiring!) the April meeting of the Boston Python User Group. With PyCon 2018 upcoming, the meeting was entirely devoted entirely to rehearsals of presentations, of which there were two. Gerrymandering…

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Coming Attractions: Dependency Management

No Picture

Upon my introduction to the world of Python programming I became painfully aware of the term “dependency management”. By trial and much error, itself the fruit of exploring the realm of the OSX Terminal application, I broke my stuff many…

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What I’m Doing (a new twist)

Since early January of this (2018) year, I’ve worked in database development,  specifically, Filemaker database development. (This in addition to my regular duties of data analysis and research. Admittedly, these latter areas have diminished in lieu of developer duties.) We…

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