Intellectual Populism and Mary Baker Eddy

Not everything I write about is technical in nature; today’s post is an example.
My first introduction to the topic of “intellectual populism” came in 2018 by way of an interview appearing in the Christian Science Journal. The interviewee, Paul Stob, is an associate professor of communication studies at Vanderbilt University.
After reading the article, and discovering that Stob was writing a book on the subject of intellectual populism and that Mary Baker Eddy was to be featured in one of the books chapters, I sent Stob a congratulatory email. Fast forward to April 2020 and the book, Intellectual Populism: democracy, inquiry, and the people, is now on print, and I’m in receipt of a signed copy.
While I’m primarily interested in Stob’s treatment of Eddy, I’m also intrigued by his inclusion of Booker T. Washington and Robert Ingersoll (with whom I’m only remotely familiar) in such a specialized subject.
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