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I’m sharing two resources, both of which are designed to facilitate remote collaboration and knowledge transfer free of charge. Full disclosure: I work at PTC but am not paid to disseminate this info. I’m doing so because these technology solutions are relevant to the challenges we face as a country.

Solution 1 – Vuforia Chalk
PTC’s Vuforia technology leverages augmented reality to enable remote collaboration, troubleshooting and knowledge transfer. Vuforia Chalk provides peer to peer interaction via mobile device. For example, operators of complex machinery (think respirators, CNC machines, power plants, etc.) can reach out in real time with experienced managers who can diagram what buttons to push, not push, etc. Check out this page for video/more info. I think this is a neat way to train and monitor respirator machine operators on a scalable basis. I’m sure you can suggest other ideas.

Solution 2 – Onshape For Online STEM Learning

“With Onshape, students only need access to a PC with internet access. This means that teachers can offer collaborative virtual STEM and 3D CAD activities to their students even while they are in lockdown at home.” PTC CEO and President Jim Heppleman

Click here to see Onshape’s “First Robot”.

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