Month: October 2018

A Picture Is Indeed Worth A Thousand Words: Hans Rosling

This short video is well worth your time: it features the inimitable Hans Rosling depicting the past 200 years of global progress as measured by wealth and increasing lifespans. Slick, slick production:

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Priceless: David Ortiz & 2018 Boston Redsox ALCS

I have nothing to add: Big Papi reacting to that JBJ @RedSox grand slam is everything. — FOX Sports (@FOXSports) October 17, 2018

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Another day, another mishap: Python Kernel – Jupyter Notebook

I generally use an Anaconda environment to manage my scripting environments and package dependencies.  I decided to give a dashboard-building application a try and wound up with a broken Python kernel when I invoked Jupyter Notebook (see below):…

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