Where is Stephanie Today? – Washington, D.C., NASA Headquarters

This post is written as I prepare to attend NASA’s 2018 Earth Science Application Showcase at it’s Washington, D.C. headquarters. My research involves honey bees: their fertility, longevity, productivity and overall prosperity. Of especial interest: the central role they and other pollinators play in the abundance and variety of food choices available to us.

In 2018, through the extensive efforts and vision of our Chief Scientific Officer Noah Wilson-Rich, I was able to work with NASA’s DEVELOP program in developing datasets that would align with the work they’re doing on Agriculture and Food Security. The relevant presentations today involve the topics Agriculture and Food Security. Relevant presentations at 10:42 A.M. (Jeremy Rapp – Agriculture and Food Security Overview) and 12:30 p.m. (Kelly Kulhanek, Ph.D Student, Honey Bee Research Lab, University of Maryland and Sean McCartney, Food Security Coordinator – Science Systems and Applications, Inc. at NASA Goddard).

Really excited to be here and looking forward to learning and contributing more…

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