Month: August 2018

I’m Infamous – Thanks To Amazon Web Services!!!!

I recently wrote about transitioning this little ‘ol blog you are reading to Amazon’s Lightsail platform. Well what do you know, out of the blue I was subsequently contacted by Mike Coleman, a member of the AWS Lightsail…

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I’ll Be Attending DevConf.us2018 @…

For those of you interested in devcon-related issues, consider attending DevConf.us2018 at Boston University. Sponsored by Redhat and Boston University. Check it out and ping me on Twitter. There’s another event taking place in September; check it out!

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Where is Stephanie Today? – Washington, D.C., NASA Headquarters

This post is written as I prepare to attend NASA’s 2018 Earth Science Application Showcase at it’s Washington, D.C. headquarters. My research involves honey bees: their fertility, longevity, productivity and overall prosperity. Of especial interest: the central role…

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