PyCon 2018 – Rehearsal Session 1 – Continuous Deployment

VMWare Boston graciously hosted (pizza, salad, drinks, excellent location AND they’re hiring!) the April meeting of the Boston Python User Group. With PyCon 2018 upcoming, the meeting was entirely devoted entirely to rehearsals of presentations, of which there were two.

  • Gerrymandering and PyMC3 – Drs. Karin Knudson and Collin Carroll discussed the PYMc3 library in the context of racial gerrymandering. An overview of their subject here and
  • An interesting historical tidbit: Elbridge Gerry, the architect of gerrymandering while serving as governor of Massachusetts, also served as a delegate to the Constitutional Convention, a Congressman and was the nation’s fifth vice-president.
  • Big-O: How Code Slows As Data Grows – Ned Batchelder. Ned took a highly technical, “mathy” subject and reduced to its essentials. Avoid a coding ‘Vietnam’ by choosing the right data structures and algorithms. Presentation here. A nice visual overview appears here.

The next meeting is May 3rd at Amazon: Functions and Dragons.

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