What I’m Doing (a new twist) – Continuous Deployment

Rugby Scrum

Since early January of this (2018) year, I’ve worked in database development,  specifically, Filemaker database development. (This in addition to my regular duties of data analysis and research. Admittedly, these latter areas have diminished in lieu of developer duties.)

We are a small, mature, lean startup and short-staffed, The backbone of our company software system is Filemaker; it needs a revamp and our software development team consists of 1 person. My addition to it makes it a 2 person effort. I’m enjoying the work (I like to solve puzzles) and am learning a lot. I’m drinking through a firehose. My database knowledge heretofore was rudimentary but being a quick study has helped me get up to speed (also, my team lead has 20 years experience so that’s a good thing). Today’s lesson: global fields and portals. More to come.

Another aspect of my journey is to combine team leadership skills with development. A Scrum certification may be in store for me…. Don’t have time to write lengthy posts so am aiming for short and to the point. (Unlike Fergie…)

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