Python 2017 – A Year of Transition. – Continuous Deployment

[Boston, November 18, 2016]

Aaron Maxwell is a writer, software engineer and entrepreneur and resides in San Francisco, CA. I interviewed him on Friday and he had some interesting thoughts to share regarding DevOps, Python, and outcomes he expects to see in 2017.  As a personal aside, I’ve studied with Aaron and can say not only does he know his stuff but he knows how to convey his knowledge in bold and fresh ways. To reach Aaron directly, visit Powerful Python. The following is a brief summary of topics we discussed; the interview itself is short, roughly 30 minutes. We’ll definitely bring him back.
  • DevOps – What It Means To Him
  • Why 2017 May Represent A Watershed Moment For Python 3
  • How And Why To Make The Transition From Python 2 To Python 3
  • Which Organizations May Be At The Forefront Of The Change

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