Web Browser Bloat – Does Anyone Have “A” Solution???? – Continuous Deployment

This is my Macbook Pro’s Activity Monitor. The red area you are looking at represents my system coming perilously close to running out of memory (16GB of memory to be specific). Sorting the “Memory” column in descending order, the kernel always claims 1.xx GB or so. Next on the list, a variety of Google Chrome 52.0.2473 “helper apps” can lap up nearly 1.5GB-2.0GB or more, fairly easily. I’ve ascertained that this problem escalates in proportion to the number of open browser tabs. I’ve also learned that this is a widespread and chronic complaint. Frustrated hackers recommend a variety of extensions to manage this issue. The Alphabet advises Chrome users to use Task Manager to close unused apps and extensions. It seems to me that browser developers should incorporate resource efficiency into their design layouts from the outset of development. The onus shouldn’t fall on us, the user public to solve this issue. What do you think?

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