Welcome to my new online home! I live in Boston and I work with people and technology. Which really means I help organizations manage their information networks and data securely and affordably. Which really means peace of mind for all concerned. Hire Me

I actively attend Boston Python User Group Meetups and delivered a talk on virtual environments at the July meeting. I helped Tom Ballinger give this workshop in March.

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I’ll be using this site to feature interviews with thought leaders in the tech community. I’m particularly interested in open-source trends, tools and best practices. Please reach out to me with any suggestions.

I’ll be adding a page on Startups I’m working on soon…

In addition to technology, I like to discuss items of interest pertinent to the history, culture and traditions of Boston. Look for them to be featured on these pages too.

I am a baseball fan and retain a great affection for the game’s traditions, strategy and history.